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Central Section Football Playoff Projections: Week 10


David Bell and the Central Grizzlies moved back into the Top 5 of the Division-I bracket. Could they earn a first round bye if they beat Clovis West?

By Gabe Camarillo

In under two weeks, we will know the high school football playoff brackets.

With just two games left in the regular season, I took a snapshot of what they look like right now.

The actual brackets come out on Saturday, October 29. Before we dive into projected brackets, here are five things to know:

1. These are NOT my rankings or brackets. These were pulled from, and I applied the head-to-head and common opponent tiebreakers like the Central Section will do on 10/29.

2. Speaking of tiebreakers, here are the rules for them. If two teams are within two rating points of each other on, the first tiebreaker is head-to-head result between them. The next tiebreaker, if both teams are in the same league, is finish in league standings. The final tiebreaker is record vs. common opponents.

3. Every team has a base division. They can either play one division higher or lower than their base, depending on where they are ranked by CalPreps’ computers. No higher and no lower.

4. I highlighted select teams in BOLD.  BOLD teams are currently 2-6 and need to win once more or they will miss playoffs. The minimum winning percentage to compete in playoffs is .300, or a record of 3-7.

5. One more interesting twist, something I learned last season — the CalPreps predicted score plays a factor into ratings, especially if the predicted winner loses.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: If there aren’t enough qualified teams to fill Division 2 through 6 with 16 teams, D2 might have 12 teams with the top four receiving byes.

Updated as of 10/17/2022, 8:00 P.M. PST

Division 1:

1 Clovis West

2 Buchanan

3 Liberty-Bakersfield

4 San Joaquin Memorial

5 Central

6 St Joseph

7 Clovis East

8 Centennial

9 Clovis North

10 Redwood

11 Clovis

12  Hanford

Matchups: Clovis West vs. Centennial OR Clovis North; Buchanan vs. Clovis East OR Redwood; Liberty vs. St. Joseph OR Clovis; SJM vs. Central OR Hanford


Division 2:

1 Central Valley Christian

2 Kingsburg

3 Lemoore

4 Garces

5 Bakersfield Christian

6 Frontier

7 Washington Union

8 Dinuba

9 Bullard

10 Paso Robles

11 Lompoc

12 Sanger

13 Golden West

14 Tehachapi

15 Bakersfield

16 Edison

Matchups: Edison at CVC; Bakersfield at Kingsburg; Tehachapi at Lemoore; Golden West at Garces; Sanger at Bakersfield Christian; Lompoc at Frontier; Paso Robles at Washington Union; Bullard at Dinuba


Division 3:

1 Mission Prep

2 Porterville

3 Chavez

4 Santa Ynez

5 Kerman

6 Mission Oak

7 Highland

8 Ridgeview

9 Arroyo Grande

10 Kennedy

11 San Luis Obispo

12 Sunnyside

13 Tulare Union

14 Independence

15 Mt. Whitney

16 Wasco

Matchups: Wasco at Mission Prep; Mt. Whitney at Porterville; Independence at Chavez; Tulare Union at Santa Ynez; Sunnyside at Kerman; San Luis Obispo at Mission Oak; Kennedy at Highland; Arroyo Grande at Ridgeview


Division 4:

1 Liberty (Madera)

2 Taft

3 Torres

4 Shafter

5 Atascadero

6 Caruthers

7 Fowler

8 Tulare Western

9 Reedley

10 Strathmore

11 Garza

12 Coalinga

13 Madera

14 North

15 Exeter

16 Dos Palos

Matchups: Dos Palos at Liberty-Madera; Exeter at Taft; North at Torres; Madera at Shafter; Coalinga at Atascadero; Garza at Caruthers; Strathmore at Fowler; Reedley at Tulare Western


Division 5:

1 Bishop

2 Morro Bay

3 Corcoran

4 Monache

5 Madera South

6 Pioneer Valley

7 Templeton

8 Arvin

9 Immanuel

10 Delano

11 McLane

12 Golden Valley

13 Santa Maria

14 Mendota

15 Woodlake

16 Selma*

* Selma needs two wins to make playoffs. If they lose again, Chowchilla would be next team in D5.

Matchups: Selma at Bishop; Woodlake at Morro Bay; Mendota at Corcoran; Santa Maria at Monache; Golden Valley at Madera South; McLane at Pioneer Valley; Delano at Templeton; Immanuel at Arvin


Division 6:

1 Chowchilla

2 Hanford West

3 Avenal

4 Firebaugh

5 Sierra Pacific

6 Kern Valley

7 Riverdale

8 Boron

9 Orosi

10 Lindsay

11 Mira Monte

12 Cabrillo

13 Yosemite

14 Farmersville

15 Foothill

16 McFarland

First team out: Orange Cove (2-6)

Matchups: McFarland at Chowchilla; Foothill at Hanford West; Farmersville at Avenal; Yosemite at Firebaugh; Cabrillo at Sierra Pacific; Mira Monte at Kern Valley; Lindsay at Riverdale; Orosi at Boron

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